Connecting with potential partners

  • We advise our clients when they are connecting with potential partners.

Market research, Creating business plans, Establishing a company, Defining business strategies

  • If you want to establish a company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but you don’t know where to start, we offer the possibility of completing the complete documentation. With our experts for various fields, we offer the service of establishing a company, establishing production cycles according to the “turnkey” system for all investors.
  • Development and implementation of business plans, market research, development of marketing plans, business strategies and implementation of business plans.
  • Development of technical and technological projects in cooperation with experts from the required fields

Optimization of business processes

  • The functioning of a business organization is a complex process. In order for a business organization to function successfully, it is necessary to optimize business processes. The goal that the business organization has set for itself is achieved by using existing resources as well as entering certain inputs to achieve it. If you think that there is a part within your organization that needs to be improved, we are at your disposal.

Preparation for the ISO 9001 standard